Mysore Vivekananda Yoga Education & Research Institution.

|| Yogah Chitta Vritti Nirodhah ||

“Yoga is defined as restraint of fluctuations in the consciousness. It is the art of studying the behavior of consciousness" -BKS Iyengsr

Mysore Vivekananda Yoga Education and Research Institution® [VYE&RI] popularly known as MV Yogas was established in 1991. With a team of eminent resource persons and qualified teachers,we have been providing a golden opportunity to different groups of interested yoga aspirants of all age groups throughout the globe to explore,practice and teach the classical knowledge of yoga with a scientific approach.

Ashtanga Yoga

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||Yogah Karma sukoushalam||

Lead a YOGIC life to be a Perfectionist.

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Healthy body is the initial step for a Sound MIND

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